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Developer Build (3.0.0)

The 3.0.0 developer build is a leaked build of Dead by Daylight which was accidentally pushed onto Steam during the development of the Ghost Face chapter. It's useful because it's very easy to mod and has the developer console enabled.


These guides are for the outdated Developer Build of the game (3.0.0), they will not work on the live version of the game or on the Private Server.

Follow the instructions in Server Setup or Fiddler Setup to get started.


  • Is there a newer version of the developer build available?
    • No, and there won't be.
  • Is it possible to play the developer build on console, Epic Games, Microsoft Store, or Stadia?
    • No, the dev build can only be installed on Steam.
  • Can I get banned for playing on the developer build?
    • Technically it's possible, but the chances are basically zero. If you want to be extra safe, use the server from the Server Setup page.
  • Can I play public matches?
    • No, there's no matchmaking on dev build. You can only play KYF with Steam friends or by yourself.