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How to get in game cinematics

There are a few methods of doing this.

  1. After loading into a match, press ' and Tab to enter into freecam mode. This will leave you with a menu top left so it is not the cleanest.

  2. After loading into a match, press your console key (default should be F10) and type the command toggledebugcamera. This will bring you into a freecam mode but there is still an overlay. You can remove this overlay by hitting Backspace.

  3. Download the program Universal Unreal Unlocker. Once downloaded, run the program and select Dead By Daylight and inject the dll.

    It should look like this if all goes well.

    You can set key bindings for all the different things here.

    To enter camera mode press whichever key you have this set to while in game. This camera also works in the lobby and other places the 2 previous methods don't.

    Read through and play around with all the options you now have available.

Other useful things for cinematics

In debug camera you can use the scroll wheel to change speeds.


Fov (enter number from 0-180).

Slomo (0 freezes all movement in the game, 1 is regular speed, 2 is double speed etc).

Remove HUD while in the lobby

DBD_ContextSystemRequestTransition 0 14 0
(You will need to restart your game after using this.)