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Developer Build Setup (Fiddler)


Setting up Fiddler is not necessary if you use the server from Server Setup and vice versa.


Game data is still sent to BHVR using this method.



  1. Download and extract the dev build folder.
  2. Download and install Fiddler.
  3. In Fiddler, go to ToolsOptionsHTTPS.
  4. Check the boxes "Capture HTTPS CONNECTs", "Decrypt HTTPS traffic", and "Ignore server certificate errors".

  5. Click to the pop-up asking to trust Fiddler's certificate.

  6. Open the Fiddler script editor by going to RulesCustomize Rules.
  7. Replace everything in the file with the contents of this paste and save.
  8. Launch the dev build by double-clicking one of the .bat files in the dev build root folder. Always keep Fiddler open when running the dev build.


You need to be logged into a Steam account which owns Dead by Daylight for the developer build to work with Steam. A banned account will not work.

If doing all these steps in Fiddler takes your internet away, go to Windows Proxy settings and uncheck "Use a proxy server".