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Dev Build Server Commands


This guide only applies if you are hosting the server yourself.

The dev build server supports a few commands which can be typed directly into the console.

  • events enable <event>
    • Manages the active event, if any. This can be used without restarting the server, but will not affect clients which are already connected. must be one of the following:
      • None (to disable the active event)
      • Winter2017
      • Lunar
      • Summer
      • Halloween2018
      • Winter2018
      • Lunar2019
      • Anniversary2019
  • help
    • Lists all commands
  • help <command>
    • Displays the usage for the given command
  • aliases <command>
    • Lists all aliases of the given command
  • count connections
    • Displays the number of active HTTP/S connections
  • count sessions
    • Displays the number of active game sessions
  • stop
    • Shuts down the server