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Useful Commands


This just a small list of handpicked commands and there are many more available. Find more information on the Console Usage page

Console Command Description
DBD_ForceStartMatch Forcibly starts the match.
DBD_BackToIIS Forcibily causes the player to be sent back to the start screen. Can be used if you get stuck in a loading screen.
SetBind <key> <command> Allow the player to set a key to execute a console command. (Ex: SetBind v Ghost will make the V key execute the Ghost command when pressed.)
DBD_AddAllItemsAddonsOfferingsToInventory <count> Gives the selected character all items, add-ons, and offerings in their inventory.
DBD_AddCells <count> Add Auric Cells (Ex: DBD_AddCells 100000)
DBD_SpawnItem <item> Allows you to spawn any item (Ex: DBD_SpawnItem Item_Camper_Flashlight will spawn a yellow flashlight.)
DBD_ListDBItems Lists the database of item names. Useful for finding arguments for the previous command.
DBD_SpawnItemAddon <add-on> Allows you to spawn any add-on (Ex: DBD_SpawnItemAddon Addon_Flashlight_001 will spawn a brown battery.)
DBD_ListDBItemAddons Lists the database of add-on names. Useful for finding arguments for the previous command.
DBD_SpawnPerk <perk> <tier> Allows you to spawn any perk (Ex: DBD_SpawnPerk Bamboozle 3 will spawn Bamboozle Level 3.)
DBD_ListDBPerks Lists the database of perk names. Useful for finding arguments for the previous command.
ToggleDebugCamera Toggles the debug freecam. For cinematics it is recommended you go to cinematics instead of using this camera.
Ghost Activates noclip and flight.
Summon <class> Summons an object of the specified class. (Ex: Summon BP_Brl_BigTree_01_C will spawn a big tree.) You can find classes by going into debug camera, looking at an object, and looking at the name under HitActor Class.
Slomo <multiplier> Controls speed of the game. 1 is default, higher is faster and lower is slower.
ChangeSize <multiplier> Changes the players size. 1 is default, 0.5 is half, 2 is 2x size.
Fov <fov> Changes field of view. 90 is default FOV.
DBD_AllowKilling Makes all survivors able to be killed (mori). Only works if the host is killer and does the command.
DBD_ComeToMeMyChildren Teleports all characters to the player.
Exit Forcibly closes the game.
dbd_setkillerheadvisibility <true\|false> Fixes issues where the killer appears distorted in freecam. (Ex: dbd_setkillerheadvisibility true)
DBD_AddHP Adds one health state to the survivor.
DBD_RemoveHP Removes one health state from the survivor.
DBD_SpawnCamperByName <name> Spawns a survivor by the name you type (Ex: DBD_SpawnCamperByName Jake)
DBD_SpawnCharacter <id> Spawns a killer or survivor. (Ex: DBD_SpawnCharacter 268435456 false will spawn The Trapper. Other parameters can be changed, such as outfit selection. A full list of character IDs can be found here.


Add-on and perk spawn commands stack past the allowed amount, meaning you can have more than 2 add-ons and more than 4 perks. Only the first 2 add-ons and first 4 perks will be visible on the HUD.

Console Variable Description
r.dbd.HideAllHUD <0|1> Hides all HUD components. (Ex: r.dbd.HideAllHUD 1 will hide the HUD, r.dbd.HideAllHUD 0 will show the HUD.)
dbd.FlashlightInfiniteEnergy <0|1> Toggle if flashlights have infinite energy.
DBD.DisableDLCChecks <0|1> Disables the DLC checking, just like the command line version, but dynamically.
r.PostProcessAAQuality <0..6> Defines the postprocess anti aliasing method which allows to adjust for quality or performance.
0:off, 1:very low (faster FXAA), 2:low (FXAA), 3:medium (faster TemporalAA), 4:high (default TemporalAA), 5:very high, 6:max.
DBD.GenerationSeed <seed> The generation seed to use to generate the level. If smaller than 0, the generation seed is considered invalid.
dbd.UnlockAllCustomizationItems <0|1> Unlock all customization items.
dbd.SpawnExposerEnabled <0|1> Toggles the spawning of crows.
t.MaxFPS <fps> Caps FPS to the given value. Set to <= 0 to be uncapped.