Map IDs

Map Realm ID Thumbnail
Ironworks of Misery The MacMillan Estate Ind_Foundry
Coal Tower The MacMillan Estate Ind_CoalTower
Suffocation Pit The MacMillan Estate Ind_Mine
Shelter Woods The MacMillan Estate Ind_Forest
Groaning Storehouse The MacMillan Estate Ind_Storehouse
Wretched Shop Autohaven Wreckers Jnk_Garage
Azarov’s Resting Place Autohaven Wreckers Jnk_Office
Blood Lodge Autohaven Wreckers Jnk_Lodge
Wreckers' Yard Autohaven Wreckers Jnk_Scrapyard
Gas Heaven Autohaven Wreckers Jnk_GasStation
The Thompson House Coldwind Farm Frm_Farmhouse
Rancid Abattoir Coldwind Farm Frm_Slaughterhouse
Torment Creek Coldwind Farm Frm_Silo
Rotten Fields Coldwind Farm Frm_CornField
Fractured Cowshed Coldwind Farm Frm_Barn
Disturbed Ward Crotus Prenn Asylum Asy_Asylum
Father Campbell's Chapel Crotus Prenn Asylum Asy_Chapel
Lampkin Lane Haddonfield Sub_Street
The Pale Rose Backwater Swamp Swp_PaleRose
Grim Pantry Backwater Swamp Swp_GrimPantry
Treatment Theatre Léry's Memorial Institute Hos_Treatment
Mother's Dwelling Red Forest Brl_MaHouse
The Temple of Purgation Red Forest Brl_Temple
The Game Gideon Meat Plant Fin_Hideout
Family Residence Yamaoka Estate Hti_Manor
Sanctum of Wrath Yamaoka Estate Hti_Shrine
Mount Ormond Resort Ormond Kny_Cottage
Badham Preschool I Springwood Eng_Street_01
Badham Preschool II Springwood Eng_Street_02
Badham Preschool III Springwood Eng_Street_03
Badham Preschool IV Springwood Eng_Street_04
Badham Preschool V Springwood Eng_Street_05
The Underground Complex Hawkins National Laboratory Qat_Lab
Dead Dawg Saloon Grave of Glenvale Ukr_Saloon
Midwich Elementary School Silent Hill Wal_Level_01
Raccoon City Police Station Raccoon City Ecl_Level_01
Eyrie of Crows Forsaken Boneyard Ion_Level_01