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Custom Cosmetics Guide

This guide will show you how you can add your own customization items with the use of data tables.


Customization Item Data Table

  1. Navigate to /Content/Data/Dlc (or any subdirectory of /Data/Dlc of your choosing, you can even create new directories) and right click to create a new data table asset.

  2. Select “Customization Item Data” as the Row Structure.

  3. Now rename the data table asset to "CustomizationItemDB".

  4. Click on “Add” to add a new row to the data table.

  5. Double click on the row name to change it to a custom cosmetic ID. It can be anything, but make sure to try and use a unique name, so no two cosmetics or mods overlap. Some ingame cosmetic IDs are:

    AV_Head01 (Ace Head)
    J_Legs02 (Jake Legs)
    HA_Body01 (Hag Body)

  6. Start filling out the fields under the "Customization Item Data" category.

    Property Value
    Category Select the appropriate option
    Item Mesh The skeletal mesh for the cosmetic
    Anim Class For special animation behavior. (Not required)
    Item Blueprint A blueprint for any special behavior. (Not required)

  7. Fill out the fields under the "Customization Data" category.

    Property Value
    ID Same as the row name.
    Associated Character The character ID who the cosmetic belongs to.
    Associated Role Select Camper / Slasher depending on if the cosmetic is for a killer or a survivor.
    Rarity The rarity of the customization item in game.
    Display Name The name of the customization item in game.
    Description The description of the customization item in game.
    Icon File Path List Add a new array entry and in that the path to the icon for your item (.png)
    Eg. “UI/Icons/Items/iconItems_flashlight.png”
    Availability Available
    DLCId 0
    Cloud Inventory Id -1
    Community Id 0

  8. Repeat from step 4 for each cosmetic you want to add.

  9. Save and cook as normal.