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Preparing Assets for Chunking

How to divide assets into chunks and cook them into .pak files

Required Setup

Projects do not generate chunks during cooking or packaging by default. To set your project up for chunking, open your Project Settings and navigate to ProjectPackaging, then make sure that Use Pak File and Generate Chunks are both enabled.

To enable ChunkID assignments, open your Editor Preferences and navigate to GeneralExperimental, then make sure that Allow ChunkID Assignments is enabled.

Organizing Your Chunking Scheme

Now that you have enabled chunking, you need to organize your assets and package them into chunks.

To assign an asset to a chunk, right-click on the asset and Asset ActionsAssign to Chunk.

This will bring up a new window asking you to enter a Chunk ID. Enter a number that isn't already in use.

Packaging Chunks

Once you have defined your Chunk IDs, packaging your project will automatically create .pak files for each chunk. You can locate them in your project's Saved/StagedBuilds/[PlatformName]/[ProjectName]/Content/Paks folder.