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Private Server

The Private Server is a modified version of the live game which is 100% offline from the live servers and has modding support. You are able to mod the latest version of the game with no limitations and play matches with others playing.


Private Server Setup

  1. Download and extract the Private Server Setup folder.
  2. Run the PrivateSeverLauncher.bat and follow the setup steps.
  3. Once the setup has been completed, run the launcher again and select the Launch Private Server option.


In the Private Server, matches can be queued for normally. Matches can also be created through the Custom Game mode in the main menu. Other players can be invited to your lobby through Steam.


Matches in the Private Server do not have role limits and have a limit of 32 players. Refer to the Config Edits page for configuring more options.

Returning to Live Servers

If you want to return to the live servers, run the PrivateSeverLauncher.bat and select the Launch Live option. Dead By Daylight can also be launched through Steam.