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Config Edits

The config files can be edited to change certain console variables. This can be done by editing the DefaultDeviceProfiles.ini config file and replacing it with a pak mod.

This example unlocks all customization items.

[Windows DeviceProfile] 

Console Variables

The following console variables can be added below the [Windows DeviceProfile] section of the config file to configure these options.

Console Variable Description
dbd.AllowPrivateMatchWithOnePlayer Allow private match with one player.
DBD.ChestItemOverride Force the chests to give you this item.
dbd.DisableInteractions Disable interactions progressively, where each level is loosely related to a callstack depth level
DBD.DisableInvalidRoleCancellation Disables the cancellation of games due to invalid role.
dbd.EnableMaxGeneratorsAndHooks If non-zero, forces maximum number of generators and hooks to spawn regardless of actual player count.
DBD.ForcedSurvivorStartItem The start item survivors will start with.
DBD.ForceItemAvailable Force all items to be available.
DBD.GenerationSeed The generation seed to use to generate the level. If smaller than 0, the generation seed is considered invalid.
dbd.ForcePrivateMatchAPI 0 - Do not force private match API.
1 - Force private match API
dbd.IgnoreGameEndConditions Game will never end even if conditions are met.
dbd.ReplaceDisconnectedPlayersWithBots Replaces disconnected players with bots.
dbd.SpawnExposerEnabled Toggles the spawning of crows.
dbd.UnlockAllCustomizationItems Unlock all customization items.
r.dbd.HideAllHUD Hides all HUD components.