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Installing Mods


Creating Pak Mods

Download the Private Server folder from the releases page on GitHub. Unzip to get the necessary files.

Run the PrivateSeverLauncher.bat and follow the setup steps. Once the setup has been completed, create a new folder named pakchunkXX-[PlatformName] inside the UnrealPak folder.


[PlatformName] should be replaced with the naming the platform you are playing on uses, i.e. WindowsNoEditor for Steam and EGS for Epic Games Store. The "XX" in the pakchunk name should also be replaced with numbers that are not already being used by another pakchunk.

Place the DeadByDaylight folder of the unpackaged mod you are installing into this folder. If you already have the .pak file for the mod you are installing, you can skip to the Installing Pak Mods section.

Drag and drop the pakchunkXX-[PlatformName] folder onto the UnrealPak.bat file. This will pack your files and will automatically move them into the Paks folder in your game files. (DeadByDaylight/Content/Paks)

Installing Pak Mods

Download the .pak file for the respective mod drag and drop them into the Paks folder in your game files. (DeadByDaylight/Content/Paks)


Now that you've packaged the assets into a pak file, Dead by Daylight should launch with your mods enabled.